Abstract Submission


Note :
Author (Oral / Poster Presenters) – submit the abstract only
Each participant can only submit 2 abstracts
Paper size: B5 (W: 18.2 cm; H: 25.7 cm)
Margins: L: 3.5 cm; T: 2.5cm; B: 2.5cm and L: 2.5cm)

Spacing: Single
Title: Title Case (Center) – view example
Font: Times New Roman (Bold)
Font size: 11

Spacing: Single spacing between the title and authors
Authors: Family name / chosen name with initial (* at corresponding author) (Center)
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Font size: 11

Affiliation: Limit the number of line (max eight lines)
Font: Times New Roman (Center)
Font size: 11

Email: *corresponding author
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Abstract: 350 words excluding the Authors and affiliation and email address
More than 350 word it will be truncated.
Submission of Abstract:
Please select the relevant session (also choose either oral or poster)


Abstract submitted will be reviewed and edited by the editorial committee of ICCE 2020.


Call for Paper : DD/MM/YY
Deadline for abstract submission (oral and poster presentations) : DD/MM/YY
Notification of acceptance : DD/MM/YY
Deadline for full paper submission : DD/MM/YY

Participants interested in making an oral or poster presentation are invited to submit an abstract. All abstracts will undergo peer review by the Abstract Review Committee and may be accepted for an oral presentation or a poster presentation.
The abstract should present new scientific research, innovative and smart solutions that work in or can be adapted to air quality context, particularly those that cover these topics:

  1. Renewable Energy Technologies and Systems
  2. Clean Energy System
  3. Clean Hydrocarbon Technologies
  4. Energy Management, Safety and Policy
  5. Energy and Environment
  6. Energy Efficiency and Distribution
  7. Energy and Economics
  8. Energy Storage
  9. Smart Grid
  10. Fuel Cell
  11. Hydrogen Energy
  12. Hydrogen Economy
  13. Biomass and Biofuel
  14. Ocean Thermal Energy System
  15. Solar Thermal Energy
  16. Photovoltaic
  17. Wind and Tidal Energy
  18. Waste to Energy
  19. Modelling and Simulation Studies
  20. Financing Energy Projects


For further enquiries, please contact the BAQ 2018 Abstract Review Committee at abstracts@icce2020.org.