Conference Brief Overview

The conference is a platform for university researchers, policy makers and industry players to share their aspiration towards a sustainable and clean energy system. This conference is aimed at promoting clean energy for better social and economics returns. Collaboration between interested parties is expected to boost further realization of clean energy utilization in the near future.

Conference Aims

Specific aims of the conference are as follows;

  • To discuss solution for environmental problems caused by utilization of fossil fuels.
  • To support hydrogen economy, renewable energy sources, energy conservation, energy storage and distribution and clean energy utilization.
  • To encourage dialogue and collaboration between universities and private sectors on topics of clean energy sources such as ocean thermal energy system, solar thermal, solar photovoltaic, wind, economic viability of renewable energy, waste to energy, energy management.
  • To chart green energy policy via discussion with policymakers for a sustainable source of energy and for energy security.

Conference Topics

  • Renewable Energy Technologies and Systems
  • Clean Energy System
  • Clean Hydrocarbon Technologies
  • Energy Management, Safety and Policy
  • Energy and Environment
  • Energy Efficiency and Distribution
  • Energy and Economics
  • Energy Storage
  • Smart Grid
  • Fuel Cell
  • Hydrogen Energy
  • Hydrogen Economy
  • Biomass and Biofuel
  • Ocean Thermal Energy System
  • Solar Thermal Energy
  • Photovoltaic
  • Wind and Tidal Energy
  • Waste to Energy
  • Modelling and Simulation Studies
  • Financing Energy Projects